Project summary

A group of researchers at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zagreb, in collaboration with Croatian Geological Survey,  will conduct research on use of heat pumps, coupled with borehole exchangers and connected to ground, for heating and cooling of already built buildings. Research includes drilling of experimental boreholes that will be used for measuring ground thermal response. Along with drilling procedure, the geological supervision will be carried with soil sampling and soil properties determination in order to fulfill main objective of the project and that is the determination of the thermal properties of shallow geothermal potential in characteristic regions throughout the Republic of Croatia.

The results obtained by measurements are to be used for creating map of geothermal potential variation.

Research will be carried out on eight different locations and they include cities of Osijek, Požega, Čakovec, Zagreb, Gospić, Poreč, Zadar and Knin. All research locations will be equipped with new equipment that will remain in possession of local partners witch include six technical high schools, one science institute and one faculty. Also, besides equipment installation and commissioning, end users of equipment will be educated in order to enable education of generations still to come and to raise public awareness of shallow geothermal potential.

  1. End users
  2. Research organizations and education institutions in Croatia – institutes, faculties and high schools
  3. Policy makers in Croatia
  4. Local municipalities and governments
  5. Professional community – technical scientists and experts
  6. Planners, investors and promoters of renewable energy
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