Croatian Japanese workshop on Geothermal energy

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Organization of the workshop on geothermal energy was joint effort of University of Zagreb – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FMENA), Croatian Geological Survey and Akita University of Japan. Workshop was organized on 12th of January 2016.

First workshop section was dedicated to the results of project Research and the promotion of the use of shallow geothermal potential in Croatia. Shallow geological environments in Pannonian and Dinaric parts of Croatia and ground thermal properties obtained by application of distributed thermal response test were presented.

Second section of the workshop was devoted to the research activities of Japanese delegation members. Basis of distributed thermal response test and investigation of horizontal ground heat exchangers, both experimental and numerical were presented. Followed by research on evaluation of suitable area for aquifer thermal energy storage and use of geothermal energy in snow melting process for public roads.

Day before organized workshop, Japanese delegation was officially welcomed on faculty by Dean of FMENA and led by prof. Soldo in tour around faculty facilities and laboratories where research activities of Thermal and Process Engineering Department were presented. During stay in Croatia, delegation members visited one borehole heat exchanger drilling site in Zagreb and Croatian Geological Survey where they were welcomed by Josip Terzić and got introduced to CGS’s main activities and laboratories.

Agenda and report:


Seminar report

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